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New member, joining today. QTH is Traverse City, MI. Much info to digest, which I am delighted to see. One initial question if you don't mind. Will someone provide me with the accepted format for logging stations heard. Is there a template I can download or do I just create my own, formatted in no particular way? Thank you.

Tony Kekalos N4RNI
Traverse City, MI
Welcome aboard, Tony! There are no set rules for posting here, but Kirk down in Texas always produces nice reports. Here's his most-recent:

800, XEDD, Montemorelos, NL, 0805 UTC, 1/4/10, Hrd during one of XEROK's fade downs w/ light ranchera mx and occasional M ancr w/ what sounded like "el buen escuchar" (good listening) immediately followed by a "La Tremenda" jingle.

750, XECSI, Culiacan, Sinaloa, 0845-0930 UTC, 1/4/10, musica romantica and mellow pop mx, full ID by M ancr @ 0930 mentioning "Radio Vida..." Hrd in a very narrow null of R. Progreso and WSB.

710, XESMR, San Luis Potosi, SLP, 0910-0928 UTC, 1/4/10, poor-fair copy in null of Rebelde and KCMO, KS City. All tlk pgm w/ M&W ancrs. "Grupo Formula" IDs, also ments of "La Formula Uno." Full ID w/ call ltrs @ 0927.


Jim, KR1S

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