Nova Scotia TAs- all over the place!

John Cereghin <jcereghin@...>

The band is jumping tonight! Logged from 2000-2100 Atlantic Time on a
PL-310 barefoot from Greenwood, Nova Scotia (everything presumed
except the England stations)

531 Faeroe Is, non-descript talk, not in Spanish, so assume Faeroe,
het with presumed Cuba
693 BBC Radio 5, in nicely
756 Deutschlandfunk,Germany, presumed
855 RNE, Spain
1215 Absolut Radio, call-ins and usual pop music. They have been in
every night up here
1557 France Info, French talk noted
1575 Radio Farda, UAE, nice signal with pop music

1210 VOAR St John's, NF, mixing badly with WPHT, vocal hymns, brief
announcement with " on VOAR...". Nice log, first time heard
here in Nova Scotia.

John Cereghin
Greenwood NS

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