Latest DX - Monday 04 Jan 2010

Stephen Ponder <n5wbi@...>

I'm still having problems trying to fall asleep at night. Guess I'm
not fully back on schedule yet. Anyway, I tried to see if I could get
anything on my 630 kHz UNID from the night before, but zippo. So, I
decided to channel-hop to 640 kHz and then later to 660 kHz. Here's
what I heard ...

640 kHz

04-JAN-10 0128 CST WWLS Moore OK "AM 640 WWLS The Sports Animal" and
into ESPN Sports

660 kHz

04-JAN-10 0157 CST KSKY Balch Springs TX "AM 660 KSKY" in the outro
of a pre-recorded Dennis Prager Christmas show.

Both were heard using my DT-400W barefoot. These are both new to my ULR
logbook, but not to my "old" log.

73 and God Bless!

Steve N5WBI
Clear Lake City TX

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