Conditions Improving

kirk74601 <kirk74601@...>

I know I'm usually invisible here, but believe me, I read everything
this great group has to offer. I want to thank you dedicated guys in
guiding some of us non-tech types. I've noticed during the past week
or so that conditions seem to be gradualy improving. Richard Allen
recently commented to me that the pre-dawn time frame is working well
down here. I definitely agree with him.

This morning I was able to log R. Rebelde, 670 khz //5025 khz. The MW
outlet was kicking some butt on the channel around 1015 UT. A new one
for me. Then, I was quite surprised to hear and ID R. Enciclopedia,
530 khz from 1022-1100 UT. Crystal clear 100% copy on this one.
Within the last week I managed to FINALLY log R. Reloj on 570 khz.
They were all new ones for me.

Congrats to Allen for some SERIOUS ULR DX'ing...Allen, do you ever
sleep? Also to Tim, welcome to the nostalgic radio nuts hangout. I
think all of us can relate with what you said in your last post. Kind
of brings back fond memories!

Take care guys, and Allen, don't forget to eat now and then...good
luck on the challenge. I know you'll make it happen!

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