having fun w/Ultralight

Tim Davisson

Guys...The idea of DXing on a tiny, pocket, battery-powered
AM portable has reignited my interest in a 40+ year hobby of
mine: AM DXing.

It's akin to my ham radio QRP operating. I simply love it.

SPR-59 barefoot from my home near Akron, Ohio.

Log so far.


Tim, KD8GZ

Ultralight AM Logbook (by date)
(SRF-59, unless noted otherwise)

Satr. 8/30/08 620 WTMJ/Milwaukee, WI, 8:57pm EDT, Brewers pbp
Satr. 8/30/08 620 WRJZ/Knoxville, TN, 9:00pm EDT, ID
Satr. 8/30/08 580 WHB/Harrisburg, PA, 9:05pm EDT
Satr. 8/30/08 940 CINW/Montreal, QUE., 9:20pm, "940 hits.com"
Satr. 8/30/08 940 KPSZ/Des Moines, IA, 9:35pm, legal ID,
Satr. 8/30/08 990 CBW/Winnipeg, MAN, 9:59pm, "ID"
Satr. 8/30/08 960 WFIR/Roanoke, VA, 10:05pm
Tue. 9/2/08 590 WMBS/Uniontown, PA, 8:59pm ID, Pirates pbp
Tue. 9/2/08 590 WVLK/Lexington, KY, 9:06pm, "news-talk 590"
Tue. 9/2/08 790 CIGM/Sudbury, ONT, 9:20pm, Blue Jays pbp
Tue. 9/2/08 1540 KXEL/Waterloo, IA, 9:29pm ID, Bruce Wms.
Tue. 9/2/08 1360 WSAI/Cincinnati, OH, 9:41pm, ESPN network
Tue. 9/2/08 1350 WOYK/York, PA, 9:44pm, Orioles pbp
Wed. 9/3/08 1410 KQV/Pittsburgh, PA, 8:00pm EDT
Wed. 9/3/08 1410 WHLN/Harlan, KY., 8:00pm EDT
Wed. 9/3/08 1200 WRKK/Hughesvile, PA., 8:13pm EDT, Phillies pbp
Wed. 9/3/08 920 CKNX/Wingham, ONT., 8:36pm EDT, Blue Jays
Thur. 9/4/08 900 CHML/Hamilton, ONT., 6:20am EDT
Thur. 9/4/08 920 WTCW/Whitesburg, KY., 6:24am EDT
Thur. 9/4/08 820 WBAP/Ft. Worth, TX., 6:52am EDT
Thur. 9/4/08 920 WMMN/Fairmont, WV., 7:02am EDT

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