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I was able to scrounge up a few new stations overnight, the first ones for the new decade. I parked on 1410 and 1420 for long time both this morning and Fri morning trying to nail IDs from previously UNID stations. Persistence paid off because these definitely didn't just fall in my lap, hi hi.
Logged on SRF-59 w/ SAT.

1410, KGSO, Wichita, KS, 0740-0800+ UTC, 1/3/10, It took 2 evenings to pry an ID out of this one. Hrd w/ sport stalk, some net ads then ID @ the TOH. Fox Sports affiliate. Mixing w/ some XE's as well as another sports sta (ESPN) which is still UNID here.

1420, XEF, Ciu. Juarez, CH, 1108-1233 UTC, extremely difficult to follow the pgm'g on stations occupying this freq. XEH, Monterrey, is a huge problem for logging other stations here. Hrd this one w/ mx & talk by M ancr. Canned IDs possibly were "Linea Deportiva Chihuahua." Also noted the call ltrs @ 1126. VP copy. -LAm #150-

1420, XEEW, Matamoros, Tamaulipas, 1108-1233 UTC, 1/3/10, Best I could tell, this sta was all tlk. Hrd many Grupo Formula IDs. "Grupo Formula W" IDs confirmed this one. VP copy. Not sure, but I think XEXX was also audible.

800, CKLW, Windsor, ON, 1243-1301 UTC, 1/3/10, nice sig peaks @ t/in and also near the TOH. Paid programming was hrd. "Be one of the first thousand to call...." ID was "AM 800, CKLW" @ 1259. Current temp was -17 C. -ULR Sta #370-

73 for now,

Kirk Allen
Pasadena, TX

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