Re: SRF-59 tuning knob modification


excellent picture Richard. i will have to do that to the one i have
open. i had thought of doing something like that but hadn't attempted
it yet. i was imagining that it might make a mess of the case but the
way you did it, it looks like it was made that way.

possibly some lubricant or silicone sprayed into the capacitor may
make it work easier


One of my complaints about the SRF-59 receiver has been the difficult
to use tuning knob. Looking at the SRF-39FP, it was evident more of
its tuning knob was exposed. So I decided to see if I could improve
the SRF-59. Using a small hobby file I carefully remove some of the
plastic from the case. Now it's a little easier for my arthritic thumb
to turn the tuning dial. There is a photo at

Now if I can figure what can be done about the stiff turning variable

Richard Allen

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