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OK, now I get it. Sort of like the audio version of the screen break-up on digital video. I can see why it would be a problem for really weak signal DXing, however on my G8 I don't think I will miss any station strong enough to actually listen to.
Both the G8 and CR-1100 hear weak stations with less noise and interference than my analog radios, but miss all the really weak signals entirely. The CR-1100 is significantly more sensitive and has less noise on its weak stations though. Anyone have a PL-380 AND a CR-1100 to compare? My new PL-600 seems MUCH more sensitive than the CR-1100. - FARMERIK

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The soft mute occurs when tuned exactly on frequency on weak signals that vary between s/n's of 0, and s/n's that rise above zero...instead of a smooth rise or fall in the audible signal, the signal sounds like it is flickering. The set, if soft mute is the default mode (as it is on the G8 and PL-310), will semi mute the signal of a station that falls below (or rises above) a certain threshold of signal strength, resulting in the flickering of the audible signal.

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I used to use WICC as a test for a good radio in the daytime. It is much closer to Westport than I am in the Northeast of CT, while Westport and Naugatuck [WICC] are in the Southwest part of the state. Since you used to live in the area, I'll mention some call letters next time.

Maybe I need some help understanding exactly what the dreaded soft mute sounds like. Is it only a problem when tuned one or two Kc. off? Or is it the mute which happens before you couple an external loop, and you have to change frequency, and come back after the loop is in place? Maybe something else entirely? - FARMERIK

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Also, check to see if there is a pumping on marginal-weak daytime signals (the dreaded soft mute).
I used to live in Westport, CT. From there, I needed a good radio to get WBZ and WPRO during the daytime, and to get WCAU, KYW, and WFIL?(560) from Philly.
Streets of Laredo, TX!
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I'll see what I can do. I usually don't listen in the daytime.- FARMERIK

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Happy New Year!
Can you do some mid-day testing, and post your observations?

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Subject: [ultralightdx] G8 vs CR-1100 preliminary AM BCB report-FARMERIK
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I've had the G8 for a couple months, since joining here, but just got my CR-1100 today. Both have the same DSP chip I believe. The CR only tunes in 10 Kc. steps on the AM BCB, but I believe it can be programed for 9 Kc. steps too.[You can not 'slope tune' it off a Kc. or two to escape an adjacent much stronger station.]

The CR-1100 is rated by Tecsun at 0.5mv/M with its larger ferrite and the G8 is listed as 1mv/M. The CR-1100 is not really so much different than a modified DSP ULR with larger ferrite, but I don't think it qualifies for competition.

I placed the two radios side by side, facing the same direction, running both on good alkaline batteries. I tuned three ten 'channel' bands, 700-790, 1000-1090 and 1500-1590, and took notes on each station I heard. I'll summarize here. The CR is noticeably better on about 50% of the frequencies, and about 1/3rd of those are substantial improvements. I got stations on all but 6 of the 30 frequencies on both radios, so it is a good night here in Connecticut.

As expected, the audio bandwidth on the CR sounds noticeably wider, but what I didn't expect is that when ever there is back round noise, or a second weak station is also heard, it is much quieter on the CR. I expected wider selectivity to hear more noise and other stations not less. The narrower G8 bandwidth seems to hurt, NOT help with interference.

Also, I looked at the meters for dBa and s/n. Both numbers scrolled all the time on strong and weak stations. The CR had +5 to +10 more units on the dBu scale on average, and sometimes the differences were much greater. The G8 ran +10 to +15 units on the s/n read out. I don't know what to make of that, but probably they are not 'calibrated' or 'standardized' , so it does not mean a thing. If anyone can explain it, I'm all ears.

I tried the TERK with both radios, and as before with the G8, it can lower back round noise,but it does not seem to ever dig a weak station out of noise like it does on a cheap portable.


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