Something Weird on 1250 Today

scottmac112 <scottmac1120@...>

Hey everybody!

Thanks for the wonderful welcome, but I've got a problem here. Today, at about 1330 MST, I was band-scanning on MW and came upon something extremely odd. Instead of country music, which is what 1250 KIKZ (Seminole, TX) usually plays, I heard Regional Mexican music. Then, it faded out. Then, I heard someone speak in wha sounded like Arabic. Then, the language changed to German-sounding. There was a song or two played along the way, one in Spanish, and another in English, before the transition into the weird languages (no music, just straight talking). And, during the whole of about 45 minutes of listening, not a single discernable station ID. Someone help! I gotta figure this one out so I can get it logged!


Hobbs, New Mexico

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