Re: New version of Tecsun PL-380

robert ross

Mark Roberts wrote:

At the end of the year just concluded, I purchased a Tecsun PL-380
from anon-co. Joyce responded and asked if I wanted the old version or
the new version! She indicated that, on the last day of the year,
Tecsun released a new version. So I've asked for the new version and
it is on its way.

Thought folks on the list would be interested in this news ....

Thanks for the info on this Mark.......but I guess it all depends on what they "Did" to the NEW VERSION???? Hopefully they made it better......

You'll have to let us know what the New Version has  that the Old Version doesn't!! Maybe we should email Joyce  and see if she can shed any light on the improvements.....or deletions????

Gary...are you familiar with this NEW Model yet?????

Thanks...ROB VA3SW

Robert S. Ross
London, Ontario CANADA

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