DSP Soft Mute?


I should have started a new thread for my question about exactly what is meant by the DSP 'soft mute' problem. I looked in the files section for an explanation, but couldn't find one. It could be in a DSP radio review though. Maybe it is well explained in an old post here, but I didn't find it that way either. Could someone explain or point me in the right direction. I have not been able to listen to most of the audio clips. I am too much of a computer idiot to know if it is because I have Linux instead of windows, or I just don't know how to get my computer to do that. When my son comes home to visit, if he has time, I'd like to get that working. For now I am looking for a written explanation. There are a lot of new terms being used on the group which I never heard when I was DXing many years ago. Others are probably unsure what they mean too. - FARMERIK

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