Re: Mixed bag with the Air Core Antenna add-on to Tecsun P...

Phil Pasteur

I alos ordered some shorter ferrite Amidon type 61 bars. I got a 4" a 3'75" and a 7.5" bar ordered. I will be very intereseted to see what results others get.

Gary, how do you calculte the inductance of the coil, or do you just wrap and measure. I have an LCR meter, but I will have to check the frequency that it tests at.

Is there a formula out there that allows calculation of the inductance based upon the ferrite configuration and number of turns of Litz wire? If so can someone point me to the location for it?

Phil P.

--- In ultralightdx@..., D1028Gary@... wrote:

Hi Chris and Jim,
Both Roy and I have ordered some shorter type 61 bars
from Amidon for these testing purposes (and possibly Jim has, also). Nick
Hall-Patch has been running similar tests on the PL-380 with type 61
ferrite bars he already had on hand, but I'll let him report his results directly
(should he choose to do so).

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