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I have used printouts from the older version of BCMap for Graveyards to keep track visually of what I've heard, but only by using a highlighter on the call letters. I would imagine coloring in the circles or even the outlines would get hard to read very quickly.

It was both a lot of work to do this update and also a lot of convincing to convince Jim it was worthwhile. While a suggestion such as this is interesting, it would also be another significant effort, and given that no small number of his users are in broadcasting and use it for business purposes, it probably isn't something which would receive universal demand.

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THANKS!!!  The newer version of BC Maps II is a true wonder.  If you print a hard copy of a frequency, you could then color in the coverage areas that you have already heard to give yourself a DX planning tool.  That is the technique that I just wrote about in the article on Using the NRC Antenna Pattern Book as a Serious DX Tool!  I wonder if Jim will be able to take that step - coloring the coverage area of heard stations - electronically? ??  In any case, BC Maps II is a wonder!

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Great news, folks. Jim Tonne's BCmap software has been upgraded, and now includes FCC data from 12/1/09.

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