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Happy New Year!
Can you do some mid-day testing, and post your observations?

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Subject: [ultralightdx] G8 vs CR-1100 preliminary AM BCB report-FARMERIK
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Date: Thursday, December 31, 2009, 11:31 PM

I've had the G8 for a couple months, since joining here, but just got my CR-1100 today. Both have the same DSP chip I believe. The CR only tunes in 10 Kc. steps on the AM BCB, but I believe it can be programed for 9 Kc. steps too.[You can not 'slope tune' it off a Kc. or two to escape an adjacent much stronger station.]

The CR-1100 is rated by Tecsun at 0.5mv/M with its larger ferrite and the G8 is listed as 1mv/M. The CR-1100 is not really so much different than a modified DSP ULR with larger ferrite, but I don't think it qualifies for competition.

I placed the two radios side by side, facing the same direction, running both on good alkaline batteries. I tuned three ten 'channel' bands, 700-790, 1000-1090 and 1500-1590, and took notes on each station I heard. I'll summarize here. The CR is noticeably better on about 50% of the frequencies, and about 1/3rd of those are substantial improvements. I got stations on all but 6 of the 30 frequencies on both radios, so it is a good night here in Connecticut.

As expected, the audio bandwidth on the CR sounds noticeably wider, but what I didn't expect is that when ever there is back round noise, or a second weak station is also heard, it is much quieter on the CR. I expected wider selectivity to hear more noise and other stations not less. The narrower G8 bandwidth seems to hurt, NOT help with interference.

Also, I looked at the meters for dBa and s/n. Both numbers scrolled all the time on strong and weak stations. The CR had +5 to +10 more units on the dBu scale on average, and sometimes the differences were much greater. The G8 ran +10 to +15 units on the s/n read out. I don't know what to make of that, but probably they are not 'calibrated' or 'standardized' , so it does not mean a thing. If anyone can explain it, I'm all ears.

I tried the TERK with both radios, and as before with the G8, it can lower back round noise,but it does not seem to ever dig a weak station out of noise like it does on a cheap portable.


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