Re: DT-400W

Gary DeBock

Hello Richard,
     Thanks for your comments on your new DT-400W.  Actually, the DT-400W's usual strong point is good sensitivity all across the band, not that it is far more sensitive than most models on any given frequency.  Its predecessor, the DT-200VX, usually has a drop off in sensitivity either on high band or low band (mine and yours drops off on high band), and all other digital models commonly have a similar sensitivity drop-off (low band for the E100, high band for the SRF-T615, etc).  Accordingly, Sangean's effort to improve wide-band sensitivity by redesigning the DT-400W's RF board is commendable, and makes it possible for a DXer to enjoy competitive sensitivity from 530-1710 kHz in a single model.
     Also, Grayland is an exceptional ocean beach location which can make almost any portable perform like a champ.  Even though the DT-400W received 6 TP's and made two great mp3's (from Thailand and S. Korea) last Friday, if I tried the same thing at home in Puyallup (only 80 air miles to the east), it probably would have been a miserable failure.  TA and TP DXers know that an ocean beach is fantastic for DX, and that's why they return there over and over.  Even the very tiny SRF-S84 (about half the size of the SRF-59) managed to receive a TP at Grayland (JOUB-774), with multiple heterodynes (TP carriers) all over the band.  Here in Puyallup, I'll probably need fantastic propagation to have any hope of a single TP on the SRF-S84.
     73,  Gary  . 

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