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Phil Pasteur

Thanks for the reply!
Unfortunately the photo in your message did not make it through.
I think I understand that you apply the tape with the adhesive side out and overlap the ends enough to that it stays put. I think for the upgrade to the stock ferrite I could just wind the wire onto the ape applied directly to the ferrite, as I will not need to slide it. Is this correct?

I will check into finding some of the tape that you mention.

Hopefully I can find some. If not, I may well take you up on your kind offer.

If anyone else has any suggestions on coil construction, I would like to hear them.

Thanks again Gary,

Phil Pasteur

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Hello Phil,

Welcome to the group, and thanks for your interest in the coil winding te
chnique used here in the PL-310 loopstick experimentation.

In answer to your question about the type of tape used to hold the Litz
wire turns in place, I use Johnson & Johnson waterproof 2" wide tape, as
pictured in the photo below.

This tape is wide enough to cut a piece slightly longer than the length of
the planned coil, then wrap in an overlapping pattern on a half inch
diameter ferrite bar, with the adhesive side out. In the photo above, this tape
was used as the form for construction of an E100 Slider coil, with a half
inch router bit shank used as a temporary base (assisted by a thin strip of a
plastic credit card, to ensure that the coil was not wound too tightly).
After winding, the strip of credit card was pulled out, providing a Slider
coil that was "not too loose, but not too tight."

This waterproofing tape is excellent for holding the coil turns on
experimental loopsticks, and was purchased from _http://www.medicalsupply.com_
( about 2 years ago, when I was able to get a
lifetime supply. If you have trouble tracking it down, let me know, and I may
be able to send you a small supply to meet your needs.

73 and Best Wishes,

Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA)

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