I got my new DT-400W today. Initial daytime test during work break suggests similar head to head performance compared to the DT-200VX. The 400 is slightly more sensitive than the 200 above about 1550 KHz; perhaps not quite as sensitive in the mid mw range (1160 5 KW station 155 miles away slightly better on the 200). Lower portion (i.e., 740 KHz KTRH, 300 miles from Laredo about the same on both sets at 2 pm...steady, weak copy). The selectivity, and rejection of adjacent locals appear similar leaning to a hair better on the; 1290 in the shadow of 1300 local did somewhat better on the 200. Both sets seem to be better with hearing stations 10 KHz below a local than 10 KHz above the local.
I was hoping for results more in line with Gary in Grayland.
The set will be appreciated, and it is nice to get the WX band as a trade for about to go away TV band (which did come in handy tonight to hear the convention speeches).
Richard "Heatwave" Berler

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