Re: Stock Sangean DT-400W Receives 6 TP's at Grayland

Gary Kinsman

Hi Dennis,

I bought my Fry's refurb E10 in August 2007. Other than a "jumpy"
tuning knob, similar to that on my E100, I'm pretty happy with it.

I generally use external chargers for all of my rechargeable
batteries. The Maha charger that I have charges each cell
individually, which can't be done if I charge them inside a radio
(in this case they are all charged in series).

Once one of the Eton 1100 mAh NiMH batteries went belly up, with
corrosion showing on the positive terminal of the battery, I
started using a set of PowerEx 2300 mAh NiMH batteries that I bought
for my PRO-96 scanner. It's possible that alkaline batteries, with
their higher voltage, may provide better performance. This is true
with the 7600GR -- the sync lock is better with a higher voltage.

I agree that the E10 is not worth $130, but at $30 I couldn't pass
it up. The 7600GR is more sensitive on MW, but the E10 seems a bit
more sensitive on SW. The E10 has far better sound quality than the
7600GR, but the latter is much more selective, with the selectable-
sideband sync detector and a true SSB mode. A combination of the E10
and the 7600GR would make a fine compact radio. Adding a good sync
detector to the E5/G5 would make a very nice unit as well.

Let me know if your E100 has any funny "hets" around 640 kHz (see my
other post). They seem to be internal to my unit (birdies), not due
to external signals.


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I've never needed to resort to an external charger after that first
time when the voltage was so low the radio couldn't charge them.

Gary - how long have you had your Fry's refurb E10? I got mine last
November. If I was going to have a corrosion problem it would have
happened already. I live about 1/4 mile from the beach and unless
it's raining the window facing the ocean is almost always open
into the room with the radios.

That gets back to a question I asked awhile back that I don't think
anyone answered. Are you using NiMH's or alkalines? Of course
there's a major difference in voltage. I only use NiMH's in the
two radios that charge them internally; the Kaito KA1103 and the
E10. It seems that they would be optimized for them but you can
tell the E10 which type you're using. I've never seen that in
another radio nor the very clever IF shift. I think a full price
E10 ($130.00) is not even close to being worth it; for another
$20.00 you can have an ICF-SW7600GR or E5/G5.

I ordered an E100 and am anxiously awaiting it's arrival so I can
put it up against a number of radios to see how it fares. I'm
paying $15.00 more for the E100 than I did for the E10! Of course
it was a refurb. Any other E10 owners out there?

I was going to go TP hunting this weekend with my new DT-400W but
the temptation to stay in a nice warm bed was too great. Maybe next
weekend. The ocean won't move between now and then.

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