Second DT-400W Came Today!

Steve Ponder N5WBI <n5wbi@...>

The DT-400W that I ordered from NewEgg came today. I plan to use the
new one as a spare, in case my original one decides to go bonkers. I
will, however, set it up and use it, but just not all the time like I do
my original one.

I used my original DT-400W all the time during our Hurricane Gustav
alert to monitor WWL 870 New Orleans. Fantastic reception, even during
broad daylight here in Houston!

Question - my original DT-400W is serial # 84011036. The one that came
today is serial # 84011190. I know that several DXers in this group
have this radio - have any of you noticed any issues with yours that are
in the same general S/N range as mine are? Just wondering.

Thanks & 73,

Steve N5WBI
Houston TX

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