New DX Technique article by John Cereghin

John H. Bryant <bjohnorcas@...>


John Cereghin has given us all a Christmas treat. He has produced an excellent five page article on establishing a series of target lists from an initial sort of the FCC database database to create a list of all MW stations within 500 miles of the DXer. He goes into detail as to the process of creating the list and, even more importantly, his analysis of the rough list to create a target list. This excellent work expands on his initial long e-mail to ultralightdx on this subject from a couple of weeks ago.

Check it out now in the DX TECHNIQUES section of the Ultralight files here on our Yahoo site. It will also be on the site within hours and, especially since it applies to MW DXing whatever the radio, with the IRCA and NRC.

I have been really frustrated by the fact that we have been at our daughter's, four hours to our south in Ft. Worth, TX. In new moves in the continual war with spammers, our internet provider will not allow me to upload except at my home number. That is/was hugely frustrating. Further, we are trapped here for at least another day by a freak snow storm which dropped up to .25 meters of snow between here and our home in Oklahoma. Very unusual.... in fact, it broke an 85 year-old` weather record for the largest snow fall ever in the month of December in central Oklahoma. I'll upload this very soon after successfully returning home.

John Bryant
Stillwater, OK

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