Coil Winding Advice

Phil Pasteur

Hello to the group.
I have beenlurking here for awhile, as I do in a dozen or so radio related groups. Just as a matter of perspective, I built my first crystal set in 1958. I have somewhere around 40 radios and maybe a dozen of them are ultra light class radios.

I recently purchased a PL 310 and honestly have been pretty happy with the performance. Then I started reading about Gary's experiments with improved loopsticks for the 310 and 380. This got me to thinking about doing some experimanting of my own.

The problem is that I have not wound a coil in years and even then did not use litz wire now have access to the modern materials that we have today.

I have a few questions concerning the mod that Gary did for the stock PL 310 loopstick, and coil winding in geneeral. For the 310, I wonder what the material was that Gary used to wrap the ferrite rod before winding the wire. I had read (and BTW, I spent several hours searching on coil winding techniques) that a masking tape could be used with the sticky side out to hold the windings in place. This sounds good, but would seem to present some problems with keeping the tape tight on the bar and making a uniform base. The pictures of Gary's loopstick, on the stock bar, for the 310 seemed to show a different material. What is a good material to wrap the ferrite with before winding the coil to get a good even base that will stay put on the rod? I have some heat shrink tubing that would fit, but worry about the thickness effecting inductance.

As to the wire itself, how do people retain it when starting the winding process, and when it is finished? I would guess that a tightly wound coil will stay put, but holding the initial end in place when starting and the final end when finished would be required. I thought about hot glue, but was concerned about electrical effects.

What is the prefered method of holding the rod so that the wire can be easily and uniformly wound?

If anyone could provide some tips to help me get started and covering what I have asked, or anything that I have missed, or point me to a good resource, I would greatly appreciate it.

Phil Pasteur

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