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hi Jeff,

on the 1680 in spanish, i copied a spanish speaking station and heard the city name of lindenwold, at the half hour. looked it up and found WTTM 1680 lindenwold NJ 10kw day, 1kw night. i'm near Detroit Mi. 1660 is also NJ but 10k/10k. also spanish.

congrats on Oregon, my best dx to the west is KOA 850 kc Denver Co, heard them many times dec 23 2218 EST and 2355 EST.

on MS try 940 kc WCPC Houston MS 50 kw.

i havent had any luck with VT, NH, ME, RI, DE. they all run low power and i have too much interference with strong local stations.

byron wa8lcz Detroit Mi, sony SRF-M40W barefoot, first made in 1988.
am/fm digital LCD

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I haven't had much luck adding new logs with the G8, but hit on a couple of good ones.

Times are UTC and radio is a barefoot Grundig G8.  I'm located in Plainfield Indiana.

12/25/2009 05:58 970 AM KCMD, 5000/5000 watts, Portland Oregon.   It took some perseverance for this one as it was a very weak signal and I would just catch snipits of talk once in a while.  Just before 1:00AM local time, I got a partial station ID, "970AM KCM_".   I couldn't quite make out the last letter, but I feel comfortable it was KCMD.

Last night a friend emailed saying a HAM buddy was getting New Hampshire on 1350AM.   I got the email about 90 minutes after he sent it, but I grabbed the radio and immediately picked up some weak talk and music on 1350, although I was getting bits of two stations.   I finally got the radio situated to get a bit better signal on the channel with music.  I was finally able to get a couple of station ID's and a clear Christmas song.  The first ID I thought was WKTU, but the second was clear.

12/26/2009 04:00-04:15 1350 AM WKCU, 900/44watts, Corinth Mississippi.  Station ID's at 04:00 and 04:13, followed by the song, "Sleigh Bells Ringing".

The fact WKCU is 44 watts at night and 350 miles from me, made this one pretty enjoyable.

As for the UID, on a couple of occassions I get Spanish talk and music on 1680, but I never seem to get a station ID.  It's primarily just one song after another.   Any thoughts on this one?

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