New logs

Jeff Curtis

I haven't had much luck adding new logs with the G8, but hit on a couple of good ones.
Times are UTC and radio is a barefoot Grundig G8.  I'm located in Plainfield Indiana.
12/25/2009 05:58 970 AM KCMD, 5000/5000 watts, Portland Oregon.   It took some perseverance for this one as it was a very weak signal and I would just catch snipits of talk once in a while.  Just before 1:00AM local time, I got a partial station ID, "970AM KCM_".   I couldn't quite make out the last letter, but I feel comfortable it was KCMD.
Last night a friend emailed saying a HAM buddy was getting New Hampshire on 1350AM.   I got the email about 90 minutes after he sent it, but I grabbed the radio and immediately picked up some weak talk and music on 1350, although I was getting bits of two stations.   I finally got the radio situated to get a bit better signal on the channel with music.  I was finally able to get a couple of station ID's and a clear Christmas song.  The first ID I thought was WKTU, but the second was clear.
12/26/2009 04:00-04:15 1350 AM WKCU, 900/44watts, Corinth Mississippi.  Station ID's at 04:00 and 04:13, followed by the song, "Sleigh Bells Ringing".
The fact WKCU is 44 watts at night and 350 miles from me, made this one pretty enjoyable.
As for the UID, on a couple of occassions I get Spanish talk and music on 1680, but I never seem to get a station ID.  It's primarily just one song after another.   Any thoughts on this one?

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