Last night's TA recordings

jim_kr1s <jkearman@...>

Made with PL-380 and Terk loop from South Florida. If you've figured out
how to firewall RealPlayer, those files are smaller, but the MP3s are
identical. I use a Sony UDX IC-70 MP3 recorder plugged into the
headphone jack, with headphones plugged into the recorder.

First is 1575 Radio Farda:
I have even better audio on another clip but the music isn't as
distinctly Middle Eastern and I almost wonder if that one isn't Germany,
though the woman's voice sounds very similar.

MP3 version:

Next is 1215 Absolute Radio in England. Took two pieces of them.
They never were that strong. You could hear the rock music but there was
a lot of splatter.

MP3 version:

Last up is what I think is 981 RTA2, Algiers, but I wouldn't swear to
this one. Almost
sounds Italian, but the instrumental sounds Arabic.

MP3 version:


Jim, KR1S

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