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Could also be 1600 WKZK out of North Augusta, South Carolina.
I have a homemade regen that has logged lots of DX. Got seduced into the ULR stuff a month ago by the shady characters on this group. :) At the high end of the band the tuning resolution is a little tight and it takes some doing to tell frequencies 10 kHz apart. Not so with the PL-380 at 1- or 2-kHz selectivity! A station 10-kHz away may splatter a bit into the passband, but you won't be able to copy much of the audio.

It is a tribute to the DSP that a station 1 kHz away (such as when listening to 1521 or 981 TAs) sounds like SSB, that distinctive Donald Duck audio due to the carrier being clipped off.

1610 is a neat frequency to park on. Let's hope FCC doesn't decide to start loading it up with stations.


Jim, KR1S

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