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I believe the TECSUN CR-1100 has the same DSP chip as the G8, but less features enabled. No SW or LW, and 9 or 10 Kc. AM tuning steps. Probably the single selectivity/audio band width chosen is wider, and the larger audio amp and speaker are on board. A larger ferrite rod too, and greater sensitivity on AM, and all that in a single box.

Yes, I have heard it has Chinese labeled controls, but I hope to use it often enough to remember the common ones. I'd have to find my reading glasses to to read tiny print anyway!

So it is less of a DXing radio and more for listening or spotting for a better analog set. I think it was $59 including shipping from Amazon. After I get it, I can compare it to the G8. - FARMERIK

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After the Christmas rush, I may order the PL-380. I did order a CR-1100 for the kitchen when the power is off, or for listening while working on something. I can only hear a tiny radio at arms length, with my aged ears, but the CR-1100 should be easy to listen to with a 1 watt audio stage and a 3 or 4 inch speaker with a bit of a focus surround for directional sound.
Is this the one with Chinese lettering? EBay item 370301850829

"What's in the box:

* CR-1100 AM/FM radio (all the knobs and buttons on the radio are printed in Chinese)"

But it comes with Free Shipping. :)


Jim, KR1S

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