Christmas morning logs

Carl DeWhitt

I caught 2 new ones this Christmas morning.I was looking for the un-i.d. Spanish language station on 1620 from a few mornings ago. But i caught another new one instead.Both logs were on a Kchibo D96L barefoot.
WVCD 790 Bamberg-Denmark,S.C. 0605-0625 EST 12.25.09 i.d."Merry Christmas.Welcome to WVCD" and "Our WVCD calendar"Only these 2 announcements poping out of the jumbled mess which sounded like a gy channel.very poor-poor.

WDND 1620 South Bend,In. 0700 EST 12.25.09 i.d. only "WDND,South Bend,ESPN Radio" poor.

Merry Christmas to all the group.

Carl DeWhitt
Maryville ,Tn.

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