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the bands are crazy tonite, check this out:
2216 koa 850 denver co 1153 mi
2218 wwl 870 new orleans La 936 mi
2232 wbap 820 fort worth Tx 1021 mi
2240 wsb 750 atlanta Ga 596 mi
2242 cbw 990 winnipeg manitoba 850 mi
2249 wbt 1110 charlotte NC 503 mi
2259 wbz 1030 boston Ma 614 mi
2300 wtic 1080 hartford Ct 533 mi

all on a old barefoot Sony SRF-M40W AM/FM, so old it doesnt tune above 1670 kc. local stations like wknr in cleveland Oh are so weak, that they're hard to copy. usually wknr is a barn burner, right across lake erie from detroit.

wbap is newstalk

byron wa8lcz RM2 Detroit Mi

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I hate to post something so simple but am just curious beyond just forgetting it.

820 khz. Not too much there.

I think I hear WBAP in their with a Talk type format but unlike years ago the frequency is kind of cluttered here. (Connecticut)

820..I hear CNN CNN CNN WBAP carry CNN ?

Chicago ?

I get a religious station. Last night is started that program 'Unschackled' (sp?) at exact 11:30 pm Eastern Time.

Has Horseheads,NY changed formats ?

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