Re: Stock Sangean DT-400W Receives 6 TP's at Grayland

Gary Kinsman

Hi Dennis,

I noticed yesterday that one of the Eton 1100 mAh batteries that came
with my Fry's refurb E10 has already gone bad. It wouldn't charge in
my Maha charger. I noticed that it's already corroded around the
positive contact.


--- In, "Dennis Gibson" <wb6tnb@...>

I figured out why my E10 wasn't working up to expectations. I
realized that I hadn't charged the batteries for quite awhile so I
did that (inside the radio) and everything seems fine now. I
remember being pleased with the performance on MW when I got it last
November. That is after charging the supplied batteries in an
external charger. They were all .70 VDC and refused to charge inside
the radio, which is a refurb from Fry's. After doing that I've never
had trouble recharging them inside the radio.

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