Re: Garmin GPS / PL-380 battery charging


the new motorola and LG phones we just bought use a 5.1vdc output to a micro usb cable connector. the problem is for me and i suspect the blackberry also is that our pl380 has a similar female connector. i tried to plug my charger into the radio with a no go. and looking at my new phone the connector is male or at least the opposite connector. possibly someone makes a male to male adapter. but alas i checked, the male end of the usb cable from the pl380 does NOT fit the phone chargers. the pl380 plug is much thicker than the phone charger. these new phone chargers are designed also to plug into the computer usb port using the opposite end that disconnects from the wall wort. in summary the phone jack and the pl380 jack are not the same.

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The USB data cable for a Garmin 60CSx portable GPS receiver has the same connector as the USB charging cable for the Tecsun PL-380. I'm charging my batteries via the Garmin cable now.

I have to believe that somewhere there is a 5-V cellphone charger with the same connector. There are 12-V to USB chargers, but then you still need a 12-V supply.


Jim, KR1S

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