Re: Stock Sangean DT-400W Receives 6 TP's at Grayland

Galassi <w.matilda@...>

Hi Dennis,
we had a different feeling with the 7600s.
I consider my own 7600G, very similar to the GR one, only second to the super 2010.
The YB400 and the 1103 are also very good and even more sensitives but the "true ECSS" with inviduals LSB and USB controls and a very smooth fine tuning wheel are not common features into a pocket radio.
The synchro it's also good, but the locking window it'a a bit too wide for the real dx work into a crowded AM band, for my taste.

Best 73s and good DX!
Giampaolo Galassi, Italy

Dennis Gibson ha scritto:

I figured out why my E10 wasn't working up to expectations. I realized
that I hadn't charged the batteries for quite awhile so I did that (inside the radio) and everything seems fine now. I remember being
pleased with the performance on MW when I got it last November. That
is after charging the supplied batteries in an external charger. They
were all .70 VDC and refused to charge inside the radio, which is a
refurb from Fry's. After doing that I've never had trouble recharging
them inside the radio.

I ordered an E100 from the Shortwave Store, which is Durham Radio's US
store. I don't need another radio but does that ever seem to stop me
from buying them? Of course not!! Does it come with rechargeable
batteries? I had to laugh when I saw that the batteries the E10 came
with were 1100 mah NiMH's. That was after being amused by the 1300 mah
NiMH's that the Kaito KA1103 came with. When they first came on the
market the first NiMH's I bought were 1600 mah.

The KA1103 must be too big to qualify as an ultralight. That's too
bad; it's a really nice radio. I'd say it's the best buy in a PLL
portable radio with SSB. I was really disappointed with the Sony
ICF-SW7600GR and more or less stopped using it (except for when the
synchronous detection, which isn't nearly as good as on the ICF-2010,
was needed) when the Kaito arrived.

--- In ultralightdx@..., "Gary Kinsman" <gkinsman@...> wrote:

Hi Dennis,

I compared the performance of several of my MW radios today, including the 7600GR, E10, E100 and DT-200VX (all of which are stock with no post-factory alignment).

The E10 is much better than the E100 on the low end of the band (probably due to its much larger ferrite bar), while the E100 is somewhat better than the E10 on the high end of the band. The 7600GR is better than the E10 or E100 on both ends of the band. The E100 is better than the DT-200VX on the low end of the band, and much better on the high end of the band.

So here are the overall rankings:

Low end: 7600GR, E10, E100, DT-200VX
High end: 7600GR, E100, E10, DT-200VX

Both the E10 and DT-200VX underperform on the high end of the band, relative to what I would expect.



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