Re: DT-400W Alignment (was Stock Sangean DT-400W Receives 6 TP's...)

Gary DeBock

Hi Guy,
     Thanks again for the suggestion of drilling small holes in the DT-400W's digital board, to gain access to the 1400 kHz trimmer and AM IF transformers on the RF circuit board.
     Unfortunately, after completely disassembling one of the DT-400W's and observing the circuitry and foil traces on the digital board where the holes would need to be drilled, it is obvious that such drilling would be the electronic equivalent of a total lobotomy, destroying many components and foil traces essential for the digital board's proper function. The only practical solution appears to be the construction of a 14-pin plug-in jumper cable for connection of the two boards while providing space for alignment access, and also the construction of two smaller 2-pin plug-in jumpers for the other two connecting jacks between these boards.  This obviously would involve some time and effort, but if a significant number of new DT-400W owners report alignment QC issues similar to that reported by Richard, the enthusiast group would certainly benefit from having such an alignment resource. If Richard's DT-400W sensitivity issue proves to be a rare aberration, however,  the more logical solution would be for these DT-400W owners to return the unit to Sangean reporting inadequate AM sensitivity, and requesting a full AM alignment under the 90-day warranty policy (which I would recommend for Richard as an interim solution).  Sangean obviously is capable of aligning all these DT-400W units to a very high level of broadband AM sensitivity, so why not allow them to do so, under the warranty policy?  As long as our enthusiast group lacks full DT-400W alignment capability, that would be my suggestion as an interim solution for the unfortunate recipients of marginal DT-400W units.
     73,  Gary     

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