Sony 7600GR (was Stock Sangean DT-400W Receives 6 TP's at Grayland)

Gary Kinsman

Hi John,

Yes, the 7600GR has "real SSB." There is a switch on the side of the
radio to select USB or LSB.

The smallest discrete tuning step (and display increment) is 1 kHz.
There is an analog SSB fine tuning control wheel that permits very
clear reception of SSB for such a small portable. It actually
receives SSB better than a 2010, because the latter uses 100 Hz
steps, but on the 7600GR the SSB fine tuning is "stepless."

Here are some other pros/cons of the 7600GR:

- Very good build quality (made in Japan, believe it or not)
- Selectable sideband sync detector (not as good as that on the
2010, Sat 800 or E1, but still useful to reduce selective fading
distortion or interference)
- Couples very well with the Quantum Q-Stick (I believe Gerry Thomas
designed the Q-Stick for use with his 7600G, which preceded the GR)
- 100 memories (10 pages of 10)

- Sound quality is somewhat muffled on AM (especially compared to
the E10 or E100)
- No tuning meter (only a "Tune" indicator on the LCD)
- No tuning knob (just fast/slow buttons -- 10/9 kHz or 1 kHz on MW,
5 kHz or 1 kHz on SW)
- One side band is usually more muffled than the other in sync mode,
as delivered (this can be adjusted fairly easily)

I hope this helps.


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Thanks for your comparison of the 7600GR, the E10 and the E100.
Very interesting. I'm still looking for a small spotting receiver
and I know that Gary DeB really likes the 7600GR. Could you help
me out by describing a couple of things:

Is the SSB on the 7600GR a "real SSB," allowing the selection of
USB or LSB???

What tuning rates can you use to tune across MW in SSB??? Please
be 0.1 kHz as one choice :>)

John B.

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