Re: E100 "birdies" near 640 kHz


Hi Gary:

I see you're on, which probably means that KFI-LA on 640 is
butting heads with an image from KYCY-San Francisco, KXEX-Fresno, or
KWRN-Apple Valley on 1550, depending on where you are in California.

73 - Kevin

Hello all,

While comparing my E100 to my 7600GR and E10 -- all of which have 1
kHz tuning steps -- I hear hets near 640 kHz only on the E100, not on
the other two radios. So these hets are internally generated noises
or "birdies."

In the last day they've occurred on 637-639 kHz or 638-640 kHz, and
are strongest on the middle frequency (i.e., 638 or 639 kHz).

Does anybody else notice birdies near 640 kHz on their E100 units?


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