Re: Stock Sangean DT-400W Receives 6 TP's at Grayland

Gary Kinsman

Hi Dennis,

I compared the performance of several of my MW radios today, including
the 7600GR, E10, E100 and DT-200VX (all of which are stock with no
post-factory alignment).

The E10 is much better than the E100 on the low end of the band
(probably due to its much larger ferrite bar), while the E100 is
somewhat better than the E10 on the high end of the band. The 7600GR
is better than the E10 or E100 on both ends of the band. The E100 is
better than the DT-200VX on the low end of the band, and much better
on the high end of the band.

So here are the overall rankings:

Low end: 7600GR, E10, E100, DT-200VX
High end: 7600GR, E100, E10, DT-200VX

Both the E10 and DT-200VX underperform on the high end of the band,
relative to what I would expect.


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Are a stock DT-400W and a stock E100 even in the same league or fair
to compare to each other? I'm still thinking about getting one but
I'm hesitant because the MW on my E10 isn't that great. It was
refurbished so maybe that's why it was returned but it isn't aligned
properly. Gary has offered to have a look at it so maybe I'll let
him. I guess if I want an E100 I'd better get it while the single
conversion type is still available.

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