Re: Stock Sangean DT-400W Receives 6 TP's at Grayland

Guy Atkins

Is it possible to adjust the 1400 kHz trimmer by alternating between disassembly as needed to access the trimmer, making a small tweak to the cap, and reassembling it enough to check? With enough repeats of this cycle it should be possible to zero in on the best trimmer setting without soldering in 14 jumper wires. The only downside I can see is that too much flexing of the stock jumper wires might break a wire or solder joint.
Guy Atkins
Puyallup, WA

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     Any DT-400W can be easily aligned for optimum low-band sensitivity simply by peaking the loopstick coil on a 600 kHz weak signal, but this new unit's redesigned RF board has the 1400 kHz trimmer in an inaccessible position when in the operating configuration, which makes it impossible to align without multiple jumpers (which I'm sure Sangean uses for its own alignments).  Normally I would attempt to construct such an alignment setup, but with 14 close-spaced jumpers required, I decided to wait until my schedule isn't so crammed.

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