Re: Stock Sangean DT-400W Receives 6 TP's at Grayland


Gary: I got the DT-400W that isn't as sensitive as my SRF-M37W and
SRF-59 (my third) I use for DXing. It is only better at the lower end
of the AM band than the E100. I guess I'll order another DT-400W and
see if it's better. As we've all discovered from using these little
wonders there seems to be misalignment issues with all of them.

Sensitivity aside, the DT-400W is the easiest of my little ultralights
to use. It's ability to null interfering signals is almost equal to
the Sony receivers. For example, I was able to log five new stations
(and a new state) by nulling WKY-930 (5 kW @ 92 km/57 mi). This
morning I nulled WWLS-640 (5 kW @ 122 km/75 mi) and heard three new
stations in a half-hour. One being KTIB, Thibodeaux LA reading orders
to evacuate the area ahead of hurrican Gustav. In my opinion the
DT-400W is a very worthwhile receiver, and I look forward to seeing
how it be modified.

Now if I can figure out a way to block out the IBOC jamming! A half a
century ago they made color TV compatible with black and whire, so why
can't they figure out how to get HD right??? But they wouldn't be
able to sell those new newfangled receiver they want us to buy!!!

Have a good DXing holiday everyone.

Richard Allen.

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