Re: Stock Sangean DT-400W Receives 6 TP's at Grayland

Dennis Gibson <wb6tnb@...>

My DT-400W arrived yesterday. Wow! The MW sensitivity is indeed
fantastic throughout the entire band. I'm a little disappointed with
the selectivity but I don't have anything similar to compare it to
(except a Sangean DT-110, which is on the turkey list and rightfully
so) so maybe I'm expecting too much. I have five locals within seven
miles (three are only a little over one mile away) but none are more
than 1 KW at night.

I can walk to the beach but I don't know anybody in California looking
for TP's so I don't know if hearing any from here (Santa Barbara) is
even feasible. I'd like suggestions on which frequencies I'd be the
most likely to find TP's on.

Are a stock DT-400W and a stock E100 even in the same league or fair
to compare to each other? I'm still thinking about getting one but I'm
hesitant because the MW on my E10 isn't that great. It was refurbished
so maybe that's why it was returned but it isn't aligned properly.
Gary has offered to have a look at it so maybe I'll let him. I guess
if I want an E100 I'd better get it while the single conversion type
is still available.

What type of batteries are you guys using? A friend says his SRF-59
isn't great with NiMH's but is really great with alkalines. I use
NiMH's in radios that charge them internally (Kaito KA1103 and E10)
and alkalines in everything else. Maybe my E10 would work better with

Thanks again to Gary for all of his hard work and imagination.

--- In ultralightdx@..., D1028Gary@... wrote:

Hello Guys,

With a sudden rare chance to get away to Grayland, WA for an
morning of DXing on the ocean beach, I couldn't wait to try out the
three top
performers from the Summertime Shootout-- the DT-400W, a modified
E100, and
the tiny SRF-S84. I was especially interested in seeing how the
DT-400W would
compete against the previous "sensitivity king," the SRF-T615.

The SRF-T615 is an excellent, compact Ultralight, although
very pricey
compared to the DT-400W (about $120 including shipping compared to
$55). So how did these two perform in an actual DXpedition
environment? Well,
the two were similar on the low frequencies, and both could receive
JOIB-747 and JOUB-774 without too much trouble. HLCA-972 was slightly
stronger on the DT-400W, but not by much. But on the receptions of
HLAZ-1566 and
VOA Thailand-1575, the DT-400W was really superior, making
crystal-clear mp3's
of both stations (that the SRF-T615 had at a pretty weak level).
The stock
DT-400W was able to produce an mp3 of an ID from VOA-1575 (7,200
miles) that
sounded like a local, and I'll try to upload the recording to the
ultralightdx file section soon. The Sangean managed to receive 7
DX "countries" in one
early morning (Canada, USA, Mexico, Hawaii (KPUA-670), Japan, S.
Korea, and

My modified E100 has been logging weak TP's since June 29, but
it has
very fanatical sensitivity and selectivity improvements, so it's
not fair to
compare it to a stock Ultralight. During this trip to Grayland, it
North Korea-657, China-1593 and a presumed Taiwan-738, which would
be its 22nd
TP catch. Developed here in Washington state together with John
Bryant and
Guy Atkins, this extremely effective E100 will be the subject of some
upcoming technical DIY articles, so that everybody can have one of
these "secret DX

The tiny analog Sony SRF-S84 was also a blast to use, managing
to log
its first TP with a reception of JOUB-774. When properly aligned
(for free, by
me), this ridiculously small Ultralight has performance that can
make even a
paltry propagation morning seem like an absolute blast.

If any of you feel like AM-DXing is not as much fun as it was
just take a few top-rated Ultralights to an ocean beach... and
you'll be
shocked and thrilled along with the rest of us.

73, Gary

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