R-911 URL Performance/Price Miracle


As not a few of you I had to try out nearly every new URL mentioned in the group, from the SRF-39/SRF-T615 series to RP 300, D96L and PL-380. Only because the e-link offer was so tempting ($20 with shipping) I ordered a nice blue Tecsun R-911 (the sticker in the battery compartment names it as a 2009 production).

After a minimal alignement it is already my favourite. Here in Central
Europe, where TA is quite difficult - in any way not my primary concern
- the razor sharp selectivity of the PL-380 for 9/10 kHz separation is
less important than the great nulling capability of the R-911. Here the DX challenge mainly consists in separating 4 or 5 strong stations on the same frequency. The cristal clear crisp audio of the R-911, non comparable with any other URL (apart perhaps from the R9012), greatly helps to identify the languages.
My barefoot URL MW logs are only 234, but with my R-911 I hope soon to reach the 300 target.

Peter Keller

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