update for Robert Ross 30 Day challenge

Allen Willie

Hi Everyone,
Wow ! ..... Fantastic Transatlantic evening last night for reception , The TA's were in earlier than usual around 7:30 PM local time  to well past 10:30 PM . Best night of the challenge so far conditions wise. 
 Logged another 28  for the Challenge  list of which 2 were new to my  overall ULR list.  The count now stands at  179 stations for the Challenge.
A few from last night:
999 khz - Morocco  RTM A Tanger    8/28/08  23:32 UTC  w/arabic  chants ; fair *** NEW** on ULR
1050 khz - CHUM Toronto, Ontario  8/29/08  2:36 UTC  w/ oldies , 10-50 CHUM ID; fair *** NEW *** on ULR
 954 khz - QBS Al Arish , Qatar    8/28/08  23:08 UTC  w/ arabic music and chants; fair
1460 khz - CJOY Guelph, Ontario   8/29/08  2:50 UTC  w/ oldies, CJOY Jingle ID, song by Hollies ; good
Allen Willie
St. John's, Newfoundland
SRF-M37V barefoot

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