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very interesting pic. i'm not sure where i read this but, one can just tape or place an additional length of ferrite onto the end of the existing bar to make the combined ferrite longer. with the space at the end of the right side of your pic for the 380 it looks like one could add on to make the bars near same length. one may be able to add some at the other end as well. i have no idea how much improvement could be made this way or if the piece of plastic in the way would have to be removed or if just putting the extension close would be good enough. since your pic looks like its about 2X size and the difference in the bars is 10mm or about 3/8"

it seems like some of the other persons here have some experience connecting shorter bars together to make a longer ferrite.


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Here is a picture of the 310 380 loopsticks juxtaposed.

The 380 is 80mm long the 310 is 90mm long an about twice as thick. It appears the Litz wire used on the 310 is slightly thicker also. You would expect this antenna to be more sensitive.

My local airfield (25KM away) has an NDB on 311 KHz which the G8 and 380 can hardly hear, it booms in on the 310.

I really like the soft mute being turned off on the 380. I reckon if you were to swap the loopsticks the 380 would be a formidable ULR.

Cheers Roy.

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Wanted to keep it short before, but here's my situation, as they are all different for everyone. Just starting to get back into some LW/AM/SW DXing when I'm not playing ham. Started in 60s with Hallicrafters S-120, got into CB, then Amateur Radio (in '77). Have a 2010 w/Kiwa filter and audio mods, Radio Plus+ Quantum QX Pro, Radio Plus+ Quantum Phaser, Radio Plus+ Q-Stick, a Grove TUN4A, and several ham antennas including an 8-band, 268' inverted V at 52' covering the 160, 75/80, 40, 20, 17, 15, 12, and 10m bands. I also use my Yaesu FT-dx9000D ham xcvr for some DXing. With all that said, I haven't set up or decided on what combo, with what equipment I'll end up using. However, the ULRs interest me. I would probably use the 310 or 380 either barefoot or with the QX Pro or Q-Stick. Main interest here in Ohio will probably be domestic AM DX and an ocassional search for European LW or AM stations.

From what I understand about the soft mute problem, it sounds like it's something similar to de-sensing the front end. Is that correct or is it just a pumping of the audio level? If just the pumping, do the "lows" get to the point of inaudibility?

With this info, how does that affect my choice? BTW-I've got both ordered from anon-co. I'll keep whichever one I want and give my brother the other one :-) Thanx for all your inputs.


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I'm hoping Gary says the PL-380 as I purchased one from anon-co (Ebay) last week.hi. The G8 which I bought last month, although terrific on FM has the same soft mute "feature" the PL-310 has. This "feature" on the G8 at least, is pretty much a show-stopper for AM DXing when the DX station begins to fade. There has been glowing talk recently about the PL-310 which is also causing me re-think my purchase.

73. Chris Knight


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When you throw in the soft mute pumping on the 310 and not on the 380 (from what I've been reading from the group), which would be your overall choice, the 310 or 380? Thanx!


Jim Shaw


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