FS: Sony SRF-T615 and Sangean DT-200VX with Filter & Antenna Mod

Guy Atkins

I hope it's OK to mention this on the Yahoogroup, but I'd rather sell the following radios to Ultralight enthusiasts before listing them on Ebay.
Since I use my Eton E100 and other larger radios almost exclusively now, and I'm not a collector of receivers, I have the following which need a good home:
This is the over-achieving, tiny AM/FM radio that is typically available only in Japan. Until the recently introduced DT-400W came along, the SRF-T615 was the undisputed leader in stock AM sensitivity. The new DT-400W reportedly has a small edge over the SRF-T615. The Sony is certainly the *smallest* radio with excellent performance, though! This unit is in excellent, stock condition and works perfectly. It has also been recently aligned on AM. These radios are typically $115 + shipping from Japan, but I am selling this SRF-T615 for $55 including free shipping in the USA.
SANGEAN DT-200VX with upgraded 6 kHz I.F. filter & antenna mod
This receiver has been fitted with an improved 6 kHz filter, the Murata CFWS450HT. This filter is the same nominal -6 dB bandwidth as the stock one, but with a much better shape factor due to the 6-element design (versus 2-elements in the simple, Chinese-made stock filter). This DT-200VX is in excellent condition and works great. With the upgraded filter and careful nulling I'm able to catch DX signals within 10 kHz either side of my super-local KSUH (1450 kHz, 1.4 miles away from my home). This radio also has the desirable "external loopstick mounting", which gets the antenna further from the circuitry's noise field for noticeably better weak signal performance. The antenna is positioned approximately 1 inch below the bottom of the radio's case, using a Gary DeBock-approved mounting solution (a piece of a wooden ruler :^)  The DT-200VX has had a full AM alignment. $45 shipped in the USA.
Please contact me off line if interested in either of these.
Guy Atkins
dx at guyatkins.com
Puyallup, WA

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