Robert Ross 30 Day Challenge

Allen Willie

Hi Guys,
Last night as  I was working away at the loggings for the Robert Ross 30 Day Challenge I found the conditions to be such that most of the stations heard were markedly weaker than past evenings since I began the challenge.
So far I've logged half the goal now right at 150 stations . Here's a few from last night as follows:
1440 khz - Luxembourg, Marnach ; China Radio International Relay 8/27/08     22:39 UTC w/ China Radio International programming in English; good
1575 khz - United Arab Emirates; R. Farda  8/27/08  22:36 UTC w/ Arabic pop songs , R. Farda Id by woman; fair
1300 khz - WJDA Quincy, Mass   8/28/08  2:29 UTC  w/ spiritual gospel music and songs ; fair
1440 khz - WJAB Portland, Maine   8/28/08  2:47 UTC  w/ Fox Sports Radio ID , baseball recap with audio clips; fair
1107 khz - Spain  RNE 5 Caceres  8/27/08  23:16 UTC w/ Espana mentioned, spanish commentary about Cuba ; fair  // 1098 khz
756 khz - Germany , DLF Braunschweig   8/28/08  00:01 UTC  w/ german news commentary by man ; fair
Allen Willie
St. John's, Newfoundland
SRF-M37V and SRF- 39 FP barefoot

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