Off-topic: DT400W overseas / FM portable recommendation <huelbe_garcia@...>


these are off-topic, but could help people:

. I found a Sangean DT400W with overseas shipping. To Brazil it costed
US$ 57.31 (product) + US$ 22.55 (S&H). This is the link:

They accept Paypal. I've just ordered the DT400W from theirs, so I
cannot recommend this company yet (have to wait
until little yellow arrives here :)

. In the last two days we had incredible tropo conditions in South
Brazil, Uruguay and East of Argentina. Hepburn's tropo maps were just
perfect. Using a Grunding G5 (mine) and Degen DE1103 (friend's) we are
able to listen to 7-9 stations. It's really cool to listen to a
different language (spanish in this case) on FM!. Grunding G5, Degen
1103 and Kaito KA1103 (and maybe others) share the same very good FM
section. It was definitely better than Sony 7600G, Sangean ATS909 and
even Sony XDR-F1HD (with indoor antennas). So, if you need really good
FM on portable, go with G5 or 1103.

Huelbe Garcia
Porto Alegre, RS
30S, 51W

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