Re: DT-400W in Yellow, or ...?


I have seen photos of this gray DT-400W but you better call and check
to make sure the radio they ship is in this color. I think perhaps
these photos were promotional ones by Sangean before they actually
produced the radio in yellow.


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While trying to find a supplier of DT400W able to ship overseas, I
a grey version:

hihi, actually, I have difficult with some colors. The DT400W
above it's not a 'pure grey'. Definitely it's not black nor
a 'shocking'
color :)


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I wrote Sangean asking if the planned on releasing a black DT-400W.
This is their reply:

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Dear Paul,

Thanks for you comment on the DT-400W color.

When comes with color, it's matter of personal preference. The
yellow color of DT-400W was requested by one of our big
It's a sport/outdoor giant retailer.


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