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Carl DeWhitt

Thanks.I think WPBS Conyers,Ga is probably the station i have been hearing although i have yet to confirm the format via the web.I continue to hear this as of this morning but it was drowned in the QRM from semi-local WKTI,a co-channel station in Knoxville, before i could hear an i.d. this morning at 0800 EST.WKTI sign on was 0745 EST.WKTI's slogan is Studio 1040 if you want to try for them.
Carl DeWhitt

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I spotted the following unid on the car radio while waiting on my wife to grocery shop and then i tuned it in on the Kchibo D96L barefoot upon returning home.

1040 Khz 1747-1800 EST 12.01.09 Asian language station presumably Chinese with talk and pop music in Asian language.Beatles intro to one talk segment(Hey,Jude).possible ad mentioning Georgia.fair-good in partial null of WHO.The station either reduced power or signed off abruptly at 1800 with no i.d. heard and with no sign of them afterward.Any ideas as to who this was ?

Carl DeWhitt
Maryville ,Tn.

I think I know who your UNID station could be. In Oklahoma I logged a station from Georgia with ethnic programming. It was WPBS, Conyers, GA. I believe this is a multi-cultural station that probably sells time to various ethnic groups as is the case in many large metro areas. Their website appears to no longer exist. I just now checked and found only second hand parties descrips of the sta...such as Wiki-pedia, etc. Back when I logged them, their ID was "Spice Radio", but I've no idea what they might call themselves now.
Hope this helps a little.

Kirk Allen
Pasadena, TX

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