Re: DT-400W Performance

Galassi <w.matilda@...>

MarkWA1ION ha scritto:
Before I pull the trigger and order a Sangean DT-400w, I have one crucial question for the assembled multitude. Can the receiver be set to 9 kHz multiple AM channels as well as to 10 kHz spaced ones ?
Also, is there any ability to tune to the few "oddball" 5 kHz spaced channels (such as the St. Kitts stations on 555 and 895) ?

Mark Connelly, WA1ION - Billerica, MA, USA
Same question here, by a european listener :-) .
Hallo to mr.Connelly and all the ultralighters!

Good Dxing

Giampaolo Galassi, Italy

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