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Before I pull the trigger and order a Sangean DT-400w, I have one
crucial question for the assembled multitude. Can the receiver be
set to 9 kHz multiple AM channels as well as to 10 kHz spaced ones ?

Also, is there any ability to tune to the few "oddball" 5 kHz spaced
channels (such as the St. Kitts stations on 555 and 895) ?

Mark Connelly, WA1ION - Billerica, MA, USA

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Thx Gary,
A nice picture and short description can be seen at:

73 de Joe, KJ8O 

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Hello Guys,
     The new Sangean DT-400W was the big surprise of the 5 models
tested in the Summertime Shootout, and does indeed have wide-band
sensitivity superior to all other Ultralight models (including the
SRF-T615 and the E100).  In order to confirm that this was not a
fluke, three DT-400W models were ordered, and all three had the same
great AM performance.  Accordingly, Ultralight enthusiasts can have
confidence in ordering this model, for highly sensitive Ultralight
DXing this fall season.
     Full details on the DT-400W evaluation, including its relative
performance against the E100 and SRF-T615 models (as well as all
other top Ultralight models) will be contained in the Summertime
Shootout review, which is in the final stages of completion and
should be available very shortly to all enthusiasts.
     73, Gary DeBock

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