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Carl DeWhitt

Congratulations to Gary on 2 years of ultralight dxing and to all those who have received 500+ stations on ultralight radios.
Carl DeWhitt

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Hello All,

Exactly two years ago today, a new SRF-59 user with very low expectations
was shocked to receive 747-JOIB and 594-JOAK (two TP stations), shortly
after local midnight on the west coast of the USA. Happening in late November
of 2007, this unlikely event set in motion a sequence other strange events
(such as an email accidentally intercepted by DXer.Ca's Colin Newell, which
led to the original SRF-59 review), finally resulting in the formation of
our wildly enthusiastic Ultralight Radio enthusiast group.

A large part of our initial growth was due to the superb organizational
skills of John Bryant (who set in motion the Definitions, Awards and Contest
committees), and Kevin Schanilec, who was the originator of the "Ultralight
Radio" moniker. Rob Ross played a critical role in showing the world that
his SRF-59 could receive 300 stations in 30 days, and Gil Stacy assisted our
organization efforts with wisdom like that of an Attorney.

To celebrate the second anniversary of our ULR enthusiast group, the
culprit originally responsible for the pocket radio craze has prepared some new
gifts for those "heavy hitters" who have shown remarkable patience and
determination, in receiving 500 or more stations on Ultralight radios (stock,
modified or any combination). These are brand new Sony SRF-S84 AM-FM stereo
models, purchased in Hong Kong by the culprit's wife during a recent trip.
If you have received 500 or more stations on Ultralight radios since
November of 2007, simply email your name and address to _d1028gary@..._
(mailto:d1028gary@...) , and your new SRF-S84 package will be sent by
Priority Mail within about a week (or in the case of Canadians living in London,
Ontario or other areas, by USPS Express Mail). Four new models have been
prepared for this purpose, but the culprit is certainly ready, willing and
able to order more radios if necessary.

The choice of these SRF-S84 models does involve an ulterior motive, of
course. If and when these "heavy hitters" find it tough to get any more new
loggings with their highly advanced DSP radios and SRF-T615 digital wonders,
they can always start over again with a fresh log sheet, and try DXing with
one of the smallest Ultralights on the planet. The SRF-S84 is remarkably
sensitive and selective for its size, however, as detailed in the 2008
Summertime Shootout posted at the following link:


Congratulations again to these paragons of patience, who certainly deserve
our utmost respect and admiration!

73 and Best Wishes,
Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)

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