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Thanks Gary for the excellent review. As a result I purchased a
DT-400W and used it for the first time yesterday. The build quality
is excellent, as is the ease of operation.

With my example sensitivity appears best in the middle part of the AM
band. The daytime signal from WNAX-570 (5 kW @ 726 km) was barely
audible on the DT-400W while there was partially readable audio on my
SRF-M37W. There was no signal from KKLF-1700 (10 kW @ 337 km) noted
on the DT-400W, but it was barely audible on the M37W. Between about
700 and 1500 kHz the sensitivity is better than either the SRF-59 or
M37W I compared it with.

I could not hear KBUF-1030 (1 kW @ 355 km) with the DT-400W because of
slop from local KOKP-1020 (0.4 kW @ 26 km). I've only found the E100
was able to pickup KBUF at mid-day.

Adjacent channel slop from local stations can be rejected by turning
the receiver perpendicular to the objectionable signal. Nearby
KFXY-1640 (10 kW @ 40 km) was heard on 1630 and 1650 on the DT-400W,
but it was eliminated by rotating 90° to the signal. The station
overloads the M37W from 1620 to 1630 and it can't be cleared up by

One of my complaints about the M37W was it couldn't receive any NOAA
WX station here. The DT-400W pulled in four different NOAA stations

My conclusion is it's an outstanding receiver, and I recommend it to
all ULR fanatics. I suspect we will be seeing DT-400W modifications
shortly. I only wish it could be tuned in one kilohertz steps.

One question: Where is the receiver manufactured? I find no country of
origin on the DT-400W. I'd always thought Sangean was a Taiwanese

Richard Allen.

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